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English (Heritage) Phoneboxes, Unit 6, The Old Depot, Haywicks Lane, Elmore, Gloucester GL2 3QE, England.
K2 - Red Crested
Example (Left) -Kiosk K2
Less than 300 of the specimens remain, which were designed in 1926 primarily for London (as they were considered too expensive to be deployed across the country), in conjunction with the Royal Fine Arts Commission by Giles Gilbert Scott. The Royal post Office requested the comission.
Example (Right) - Kiosk K6
This was designed to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George the Fifth in 1935 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. This model, with its cast iron frame and teak door, was the first to be installed nationwide.
Our pristine quality kiosks are lovingly restored using contemporary techniques and the craftmanship devoted to their deserved splendour is inspirational and the results truly need to be seen to be appreciated by both museums and private collectors alike.
K6 - Gold Crested
At the current time, we have a very limited number of K6's and an extremely rare K2 model, subject to negotiation. Please contact us should you require further details and a specification sheet.

However, we can source more kiosks and other items as required. Quality restoration of kiosks and other ironware that have become unsightly through neglect or misuse is also available.
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English Phone Boxes and K2 and K6 Kiosks

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The english heritage phone box company supplies K2 and K6 telephone kiosks. English and antique garden ornaments, the restoration of old phone boxes and pillar boxes. Red phone boxes a speciality.

There's nothing english phone boxes more British than a Red Telephone Kiosk. They've antique garden ornaments been a loved and english pillar boxes welcome part of our red post boxes country since the '20s. To protect these beautiful phone box restoration landmarks, the K2 and K6 models are mostly 'Grade II Listed Buildings'. ENGLISHPHONEBOXES.COM is k2 and k6 kiosks priveliged to have been able english telephone boxes to painstakingly restore many collectors phoneboxes of these rare treasures to their original glory and make them available to people and organisations antique telephone boxes who require a permanent antique pillar boxes reminder of our English heritage. We welcome stories about unusual locations and situations of these phone boxes, as sometimes these landmarks have histories that are treasures themselves.

All kiosks english phone boxes supplied are laboriously restored antique garden ornaments by our team of skilled craftsmen to their english pillar boxes orginial splendour. Therefore, red post boxes should you require other, similar items restored, such phone box restoration as post boxes, lamp standards, k2 and k6 kiosks antique beds and suchlike, just english telephone boxes give us a call and we'll be collectors phoneboxes more than happy to offer any advice where we can. Glazing, sandblasting, signwriting and antique telephone boxes painting are all core services that we are delighted to antique pillar boxes quote for. We deliver anywhere within mailand UK, although for overseas customers, we will need to discuss individual shipping arrangements.